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Pre-order your copy of "We All Grieve Differently" for only $21.99,  and t-shirt bundle for $41.99, shipping included!


New Book - Pre-Launch

(May 5 - May 17, 2021)

The wait is over! This book is going to change lives. At first, I was confused by the gentle whispers in my ear encouraging me to "write it down". I've experienced so many emotions months prior to and after My Mommy's transition on November 17, 2021. Yet, through it all, the holy spirit gave me specific guidance and I was obedient.  Even when things didn't seem to make sense, I kept asking for the lesson to be revealed.  This book is dedicated to My Mommy.  

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of My Mommy. Every day, every hour... every, every...almost everything that I do and experience reminds me of her.  It is only by the comfort and strength from God that I am still standing and that this book exists! Although Mommy is no longer here on earth with me, she is forever in my heart.

"He Prepared Me For This"!!!  

But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you.  My power is perfected in weakness."

2 Corithians 12:9

July 20, 2019: New Book Project Launch

Entrepreneurial Elevation - 31 Strategic Lessons & Personal Stories From Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs. In my chapter, I provide tools on aligning your 9-to-5 with your side hustle without burning out.

 Order your copy - $25 (shipping included)! 

Entrepreneurial Elevation
Sharing Our Prayers

*February 1, 2018: New Book Project Pre-Launch

March 3, 2018: Official Launch

The eleven chapters in this empowering and illuminating anthology are grounded on a single theme: the power of prayer. No one prayer is alike and each contributing author brings a new perspective, a new way, a new use, and a new miracle to the common practice of prayer. Each share the intimate conversations they have had and continue to have with God as they overcome enormous obstacles, confess wrongdoings done by and unto them, forgive, and claim well-deserved victories.

Along with personal stories and testimonials, many of these authors share prayers that they’ve written in the past, as guides for even the most novice prayer warriors. The confidence and insight that exudes from these pages are evidence that, if you commit to a continuous and open dialogue with God through prayer, He will speak blessings and promises to you—and those things which He says shall come to pass.

 Order your copy of #SharingOurPrayers for only $25, shipping included!

WOMEN INSPIRING NATIONS (W.I.N.) is designed to feature women who are using their gifts for the greater good, their gifts beyond the boundaries of their own zip code, and being intentional about inspiring others by sharing their story, their lessons, and their knowledge. 

My chapter, "Don't Just Dream Your Dream...DO IT!", and those shared by my co-authors are powerful and inspiring stories! A MUST read!!!!

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to follow the numerous interviews and activities associated with this phenomenal project.

 Order your copy of W.I.N for only $25, shipping & handling included. 

Women Inspiring Nations

When we are faced with adversity and real-life trauma, we can react in two ways — either by losing all hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. So introduces this raw anthology of six women who, through undying determination, strength, and faith, fought their way through shattering circumstances. Artificial Beauté: The Breakthrough features stories from transformation coach Bonita Parker and five brave women who share their trials with abuse, abandonment, infidelity, parenthood, and self-doubt, and how they chose to overcome instead of allow their challenges to overtake them.

With the lessons imparted in these pages, take the time to relate to these women and reflect on your own barriers. If you have been through similar situations, use these words to begin or enhance your own journey to heal , to release yourself from what is blocking you from a life of happiness, a life of peace.

Order your copy of #Artificial Beauté for only $24, shipping included!